Sunday, August 10, 2008

Colombian Connections...

We're very fortunate that just 3 hours south of here is an annual gathering of a group of adoptive families with children from Colombia. This is the fourth time we've attended and much to our delight the group grows larger and larger each year. This year was fun as we got to share the news of our upcoming adoption with the rest of the crowd.

Above are pictures of the Colombian flag, the whole group of Colombian kids, Jake trying his hand at golf, Sara trying hers at softball, and the ride home...Jake crashed. :)

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Tanya said...

Hello! I love your web site! Thank you for sharing your journey with us through this site! We loved seeing you this weekend. Our annual gatherings are a blessing to us as families and to our children! We are fortunate to have your friendship. We will pray for your next child and we hope and pray that soon she will be in your arms! Love, Tanya (Glenn, Evan and Ava too!)