Monday, November 3, 2008


So the other night after Jake was telling Todd something and Todd misheard Jake, Jake said, "Daddy, you and I are both the same."

Daddy: "Yeah, Jake? Why's that?"
Jake: "Because I don't listen, and you can't hear."

LOL!! :) Never were truer words spoken. And no wonder I talk to the cats so often.


Lori said...

VERY funny!!!! :)

Beth said...

cute...thanks for the laugh!!

Lisa said...

I happened to notice that we sometimes frequent the same blogs....we commentators! LOL :) So I had to take a peek at your blog and your family is beautiful...just beautiful!
I hope you hear something soon on your newest blessing...the wait can be so difficult at are not alone!
We have a beautiful daughter adopted from Kazakhstan in 2003 and a darling baby boy awaiting us in Taiwan.
I look forward to following along with your family.
Lisa C.
P.S. LOVED the comment from your son.....they don't miss much do they? :)