Thursday, April 23, 2009

Second Care Package

This afternoon Jacob and I assembled Tessa's second care package. He had a lot of fun helping me take pictures and then make the card for her. We rubbed our bellies, to gather up the luck (I don't know, how else do you gather luck?) and hugged and kissed the "luck" and put it in the package. Let's hope it works. :)

In this care package, we send some bigger onesies, some really cute outfits in size 3-6 months, some toys, another disposable camera, and two pacifiers. I have two other pictures of the loot, but for some reason every time I upload them to blogspot they rotate! Grrr. Anyone know why this does this? They're NOT rotated in windows explorer or my photo editor. Hmm.

Still no word on a court hearing yet. I'm trying to remain positive and so far, I'm actually doing okay with it. I miss her, but know in my heart she'll come home when she's meant to. Tessa is always in our thoughts and prayers. Hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather!


Holly said...

I've had that problem before too; usually it's when I've cropped an image by a lot and then for whatever reason, blogger doesn't like it and rotates it on me. Yes, I know frustrating! It doesn't happen all the time, but just once in a while.

I hope you hear word of your court date soon!

Lisa said...

The pacakge is darling and I hope you hear of your court date SOON! She will love those sweet things you chose for her!
:) Happy weekend!
Lisa C.

Melissa said...

nice work..we have our first one assembled and still have not sent it out.