Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lucky Momma...

Here's the first (kinda) picture with my three (kinda) kiddos. Today, on Mother's Day, I feel especially blessed to have been given the opportunity to take part in the upbringing of these three beautiful children.

This morning we went to mass and I felt very emotional during the service. All that has been given me...all I have been entrusted with. After mass, we lit three candles, one for each of the kids birthmom's (afterall, the kids have two mom's to be thankful for today) and one for Tessa, that she be healthy, well-cared for, and come home soon.

God bless all the mother's today. A special thank you to MY mom for always being there for me, for always loving me, even when I was unloveable. I love you mom.

And hugs to all the mom's-to-be, the mom's in waiting who desperately want to hold their children in their arms. I know how it feels to have the ache of empty arms. You're in my thoughts and prayers today.


Holly said...

What a sweet picture of the three of you! I hope you had a blessed day; I was emotional in church this morning too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Babe
Thank you for being my daughter and my friend. You make me very proud.

Lisa said...

I love that you light candles in honor of your childrens' birthmamas. You are all so blessed to have one another! I hope your day was just perfect!

QingLu Mama said...

Hi Michele! Great to "meet" you! And sure you can put my blog on your list...I'll add yours to mine if OK with you!

Your children are beautiful, well and handsome! Congrats on your hearing date, I hope the courts keep moving quickly and Tessa is home very soon.

And I can relate to the emotional episodes, I get them in the grocery store, driving in my car, at work...this wait is just so hard!

Robin said...

I love the picture. Hope you had a great mother's day:)

Jill said...

Oh I love that photo I can't wait to see Miss Tessa added to the group next year!