Thursday, July 30, 2009

Whoa...we're getting close!

4 days until we drive to Chicago
5 days until we get on a plane
6 days until we arrive in Taipei
11 days until I'm holding Tessa in my arms

We're so excited. Today, I'm off to my doctor's office to get my immunizations for the trip. Then we're going to run some miscellaneous errands to buy things we'll need.

I'm so ready for this trip...I want to get on a plane NOW. But soon, soon enough. :)


Mike said...

It won't be much longer, Michelle! We're looking forward to following your jouney. :)

Mike & Sue

Robin said...

Wahoo!!!! It can't come fast enough for me either. I am so looking forward to following your journey.

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Ohh I like the way you put it in that format... can I borrow that?? I am gonna do that on my blog.. hope you don't mind... I will give you alllll the credit.. :) Holy crap we are going to Taiwan!!!!!

Journey to our baby said...

And the last line is: The feeling I have right now, Priceless.

We need immunizations? Hum, I guess we should probably read through our travel packet from JOH.

Suzy :)

Lisa said...

Your excitement just leaps off this page...its infectious!! Sooooo happy for you and of course I'll be following along!
Hugs! Lisa

Katie said...

So exciting!