Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Big Boy Turns 8!!

Wow, I have an 8 year old...doesn't seem possible. Cuz that would make me old. :)

Jake had a great birthday...even though most of it was spent at school. He is so sweet opening his presents...he's completely grateful for everything he receives. I love that about him.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy...thank you for making me a momma.


HMK said...

Happy Birthday Jake! You're growing too fast! But your mama is still young. :D

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, you have 2 September babies! What a big and fun month for you all!!

Happy birthday to your handsome man Jake! He sounds like a wonderful boy! AND 8 does NOT make you old :) Nope, gonna plug my ears...not gonna listen to that crazy talk! LOL


Terry said...

Happy Birthday Jake and Sara! Busy month in your family! But the cake was good!
And having an 8 yr old doesn't make you old-it keeps you young at heart!