Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring Fun

We've had a busy spring in this household of ours. :) 'Course, three kids will do that to you I suppose. :)

Jake's class had this fun poetry coffee/tea. It was great..each kid dressed like a beatnik and read two of their poems. Then, to show our appreciation the parents snapped fingers instead of clapped. Too's Jake with two of his buddies.

Another fun project this spring was to raise caterpillars into butterflies. I think Todd and I enjoyed this almost as much as the kids. It was very interesting to see the actual transformation up close.

I'll try to keep this blog updated better...bad blogger!! :)


Dunns said...

oH, Tessa has changed too! Her hair has gotten long, and beautiful!! It's such a fun age right now,, I'm so loving watch Ellie grow/learn..

Ellie did a photo shoot for a entry to get chosen for this fall MJ cover girl. I just giggle at the thought if we get picked.. wouldn't it be fun? We had a blast doing the mini shoot..Ellie was into exploring, not posing:))

I know it gets difficult at times to keep up the blog, and with summer around the corner....oh no.. Have a wonderful summer!

Melissa said...

I do Coffee House Poetry Day with my class!! I had no idea it was a popular theme!

Tessa is a cutie!

Journey to our baby said...

Hey!! No, we were near Houghton in the UP - no where near TC! And when we went home in May that was near Onaway, so a little over 2 hrs still :( We are going home over the 4th but only for a long weekend. Next time we go home for a longer period of time I will email you for sure! I can't believe how big our kids are getting, and how dang cute they are :)