Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tessa's Birthday

Our sweet Tessa turned two years old on Tuesday. I always have the hardest time with the second seems to signify the end of babyhood. When someone asks, "How old is she?" I'll now give her age in years instead of months. She's becoming so independent these days, wanting to do everything herself. Sigh. Why does it have to go so fast? But, I look forward to watching her grow, to see who she'll become.

We had a nice birthday party, celebrating with close family. She had a ball eating her cake and opening her presents, and even managed to blow out the candle! And I impressed myself...I managed to successfully make Taiwanese tea eggs. So pretty, and delicious as well!

Finally, I pray for Tessa's birthfamily tonight. They are the only ones of all my children that we have met, ones we have real memories of. We love them as our own family and pray for them frequently.


Tina Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it was a joyous one!

HollyMarie said...

Happy Birthday Tessa!! Michelle, I totally get what you mean about the 2nd birthday... :( I hate that they have to grow up even though it's so fun to watch them grow! It's a conundrum!

I'm pretty sure that I NEED to get that egg recipe from you!

Katie said...

Happy birthday tessa and wow on the tea eggs!

QingLu Mama said...

Oh Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! She is just darling and has grown so very much!

Lisa said...

Happy birthday pretty girl!

I felt the same way at the 2 year old mark, but I can say its been a whirlwind of joy since! :) And by whirlwind, I mean, tornado! ;)

The eggs are wonderful too! Wow!!

michelle said...

Happy Birthday Tessa!! They grow up too fast!! Why can't they stay our babies forever. Lexie will be turning 2 in a few months. Maybe I won't say she's 2 and keep referring to her age in months!!

mlynne said...

Happy Birthday Tessa!

The picture in her crib is ever so sweet! Those eggs ARE SO pretty, GREAT job!