Sunday, June 1, 2008

Could it be?

Could summer have FINALLY arrived in Michigan?

The weather today was simply perfect. Upper 70s and mucho sunshine. The kids were elated when daddy set up the pool they received last fall for their birthdays (their birthdays are just 8 days apart in September) from their wonderful aunts and uncles.

The first picture is my new fave. Hope you have sunshine in your corner of the world!


Anonymous said...

My little pumpkins just get cuter...............
Love alsways Jake

Holly said...

I'm sure hoping that Summer is finally here!

Chris & Deb said...

I wish I could say that summer was here! We have had too many cool and cloudy days.....with more rain in the forecast! UGG! What cute pictures of the kids in the pool!

Anonymous said...

They are so darn adorable! Glad to see they are enjoying the nice weather! We are too, minus the rainy days!!! It's great to send the kids out to play, ride bikes, swim, and all the fun outside activities...easier for mommy too!

Love you guys!

Chris said...

It has been a strange season for us in Wis so far-way cooler than normal, but I am not complaining about that-as long as the rain is done for a week or so, maybe we can all dry out and put a pool up now too-looks to be much fun for the kiddos!