Monday, May 26, 2008

And her name will be.....


Unless, of course, we get her picture and she looks nothing like a Chloe. :)

Thank you for all who voted on the poll! We are excited that our baby now has a name we can refer to and can't wait to see her little face!

Tomorrow is our second meeting with our social worker for our homestudy. After we get our homestudy done, we can apply for the immigration approval. But, meanwhile we continue to be "in line" for a referral. We've been waiting almost two months now, so if the original estimate is still accurate, we should see Chloe's face in 4 to 7 months!


Anonymous said...

The name is perfect!!!!Love it
Grandma's little Chloe

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I love the name Chloe! It's beautiful, and I'm sure she will be beautiful as well. It's good to hear that things are moving right along for you guys! Time flies so darn fast and in no time, you'll be changing stinky diapers again :) My baby will be 1 in less than a is that possible?

Love you guys!!!


Holly said...

Pretty name!

Sue said...

I'm so excited for your family!!! And Chloe is a beautiful name...even if I did't vote for it! *laugh* I will bow down and accept the perfectness of it!

Hope to see you Monday!!
'Auntie' Sue

Chris said...

very nice name-I am sure she will fit it perfectly!

The Harts said...

I love that name Michelle!! We were considering that name as well as Myah...obviously we went with the later. So any word on how long of a wait you have?? What orphanage are you dealing with...I know you told me but my memory is like that of an ant sometimes! LOL!
Your kids are adorable by the way...they look like they really love that pool!
Talk soon!