Sunday, February 22, 2009

Book Review

I like to read, a lot. I'm not a "deep" reader most of the time, however. I have two kids, an adoption, and college I'm struggling through, so light reading is about all I can handle, and it's what I enjoy most.

That said, take my book reviews for what they're worth. :)

I really enjoyed the Twilight series. Nothing earth shattering or life changing, but easy, entertaining books with likable characters. I've just finished Stephanie Meyers (who wrote the Twilight series) first adult-directed book called The Host. I LOVED it. First of all, there was no majorly adult-only material in the book. No bad language, minimal violence and no sex scenes. Secondly, it's a very original concept that was done well. It's very entertaining. I often judge a book by how much I look forward to reading it (I read at night before bed). Every night I looked forward to reading this book, and now that I'm done with it, I miss it. In fact, the book I'm reading now is a major disappointment compared to the Host.

So that's review in a nutshell. :)


Melissa said...

I loved the Twilight series. I found that every book I have tried to read since then has been subpar. I have been wanting to read the Host and sort of forgot about it. I will have to go pick up a copy now. Thanks!

Lisa said...

Like you & others I thought the Twilight series was such fun....but it was Host I keep thinking back to! Very thought provoking!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it! Sorry I missed your last post too.....beautiful pic. of your little man!

Journey to our baby said...

I guess we have to focus on something other than the phone call this is tough. Thanks for sharing the pic of Jacob when he was 1 yr, what a cutie.