Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two to Four Months...

That's the latest estimate from our agency for a referral for us. I thought it would be sooner, so I'm bummed. I guess it's time to chill out and enjoy life, instead of waiting for the phone to ring all the time.


Holly said...

Yeah... waiting for the phone to ring every day for 2 to 4 months would definitely be an emotional drain... but I hope it is much shorter than 4 months for you!

I emailed you, btw!

Tanya said...

I check in on you occassionally hoping to see the posting of referral news! We are thinking of you as you wait! We can't wait to hear the news of your newest little one. You know, it seemed every time we were told the wait would be longer, we were pleasantly surprised - here's hoping the same is true for you! We are very excited for you all!
Tanya (Glenn, Evan and Ava too)