Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Video...

Isn't she amazing? :)


Lori said...

Oh my GOODNESS Michelle--how cool that you guys have a video of sweet little Chloe!!!!! She is beautiful and we are SO happy for you guys!!! Congratulations.....:o)


Howie, Lori, Charlie & J.J.

Lisa said...

OH MY GOSH....where have I been?? Congratulations to you all! She looks so alert and I think I spotted a smile or two!! She is beautiful!
Enjoy this walk on cloud nine...I know you will!

Robin said...

She is so sweet! What a great video of Chloe.

Kari J said...

Oh, Michelle,
I am so so so excited for you!!
Praise the Lord someone in the group I follow has finally received a referral.