Sunday, March 1, 2009

Number One Question...

When can you go get her??

Well, I wish the answer was next week, but it's not. We have to go through a fairly complex court process in Taiwan that averages 4-6 months. August is the month we're hoping to travel. Jake and Sara both have September birthdays, so we'd love to be home with Chloe before then.

Here's the basic process:

This week I will be completing the paperwork that gets submitted to Taiwan. With any luck, it will be done and sent by the end of the week or early next week. Once we are entered into courts, we wait for a hearing date.

Step 1:
Hearing (typically 1-3 months after paperwork is filed in Taiwan)

Step 2:
First Ruling (typically 1-3 months after hearing)

Step 3:
Final Ruling (typically 2-6 weeks after first ruling)
After the final ruling, Chloe will be legally ours

Step 4:
Paperwork Processing and Travel Notice (typically 4-6 weeks after final ruling)

The trip to Taiwan will be about a week long. We want to take time in Taiwan to experience Chloe's birthcountry, but at the same time don't want to be gone from our other two "babies" for too long. We're excited about our upcoming (hopefully sooner than later) trip!

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Holly said...

Hey, neato about finding out the meaning behind Chloe's name! I hope that you can travel in August (or sooner). :)