Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 3 - Keelung and Jiufen

This morning we loaded up with Mr. Yeh, Alex, Joyce, Travis and little Jing and headed north. We went to Keelung and looked at the massive female buddha statue. She is the buddha of safety for the fisherman...fitting since she overlooks the harbor. Beautiful. There is a huge bell that you can ring for luck, but unfortunately, they took the rope that you use to ring it down for the typhoon. Darn typhoon. We briefly peaked in the temple and headed back to the car.

From here, we were supposed to go to the Yeliu Geo Park, and Ocean World, but they were both also closed due to the typhoon. Darn typhoon.

Mr. Yeh decided we should go to Jiufen instead. It's a beautiful city high up on a mountain. We loved it. We walked through a market and got to buy some great souvenirs for our kids and friends and try some wonderful foods. One thing about the markets here, there are some strong odors from some of the fish and seafood.

We had a ton of fun and laughed alot despite the rain and wind from the darn typhoon. I even managed to do what I'd set out to: eat stinky tofu and drink bubble tea. Joyce was impressed. :)

All in all, a very good, fun day. Alex and Mr. Yeh are very sweet and accommodating. It's funny, if you even mention the 7-11 or Starbucks in your conversation, next thing you know, you're parked in front of one. :)

Jake & Sara
We got great stuff for you two today! Can't wait to be home to show you your treasures. We love you always and talk about you both all day long. :) Have fun!!


Tanya said...

Hello! We are enjoying this blog and we love the fact that we can stay in touch while you journey to bring your daughter home! We are thinking of you! So looking forward to those first photos of the three of you together at last! Tanya (Glenn, Evan and Ava too!)

Christine said...

Thanks for posting! I am following your blog and awaiting news about Tessa. I hope that typhoon can move out quickly. ... Christine

w8tn42and3 said...

Michelle... I am simply addicted to your blog while you are in Taiwan! I just keep going between the same three! I just can't wait to see pictures of you both with Tessa! At least that darn typhoon won't keep you from HER!

Chris said...

How wonderful that you can spend so much time with Joyce and her family!! And thankfully, that darn typhoon is not keeping you from your spunky spirited self
enjoy the next few hours, it is almost TESSA TIME!!


Katie said...

You tried the stinky tofu! WOW! Looks wonferful. Can't wait to see you with Tessa Monday!

Robin said...

The sites you are seeing are beautiful. I'm glad the typoon isn't totally stopping your trips. I am loving the pictures. So, how was the stinky tofu? Not much longer until we see Tessa in your arms:) Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle -

That is great that Mr Yeh is quick to accomodate and work around a typhoon of all things. I would be inclined to just hang close to the hotel.

I cannot wait to see Tessa in your arms this week!

Shana said...

you are so brave for trying the stinky tofu!