Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 5 - Tessa Day!

We got her!! :)

What a day...we are soooo tired right now...just got back from the trip to get Tessa Yi-Hsiu. It was such an emotional

I'll blog more about it tomorrow...but here's a couple of pictures until then.

She's an absolute delight...VERY happy and smiley baby. She's very content too...laid back. She's rolling all over the place. She ate a jar of apple baby food tonight and she LOVES the rice crackers...but she won't take a bottle from us yet. I think it's because she associates the bottle with her foster mom. As soon as we get it close to her mouth, she cries and arches her back away from we'll try again later. She's had a lot of changes today, poor baby.

Jake and Sara...get ready! You two are going to have a ton of fun with your baby sister!!! We love you always and forever...and miss you oodles and oodles.


Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous - what a great day for you and your family! I love the little curl in the sides of her hair. Enjoy!


Beth said...

OMG, she's SO cute!!!! You guys look great together!!!

Robin said...

She's in your arms!!! OMG she is so beautiful. I love how happy you all look. Wow. Congratulations!!!!!

Sue and Mike said...

Tessa is so precious! We are so excited for you both! Can't wait to read more about your special day.

Joe and Jane said...

Huge congrats!!! What a sweet, happy little girl! So glad you have her!

Tanya said...

Tears of joy here for you!! What great photos! We are thrilled that she is finally in your arms! Congratulations to all of you!
Tanya (Glenn, Evan and Ava too)

Our Second Miracle said...

Congrats!! Happy Tessa Day!! She is adorable! :)

w8tn42and3 said...

Finally! Oh my... she is so cute! I just love her little ponytale! She is so smiley an looks so happy! How precious! I can't wait to read more! This is so teary for me and I am not even there!

Jenn said...

CONGRATULATIONS !!! I'm sooooo excited for you. She is beautiful. Now you have 3 beautiful children. You are so lucky.
Can you stick an extra baby in your bag for me? Ha. Ha. Ha.
I saw Sarah, and Jacob yesterday at LAAF play group. Sarah was very animated, and she misses you so much.
Come home safe. The Typhoon is scaring me. Jenn.

Anonymous said...

She is so cute! She looks so happy........and so do you!
BTW, the dress looks great! Congratulations!

NancyW said...

What a great smile on the mom of three! Tessa is darling and I'm so glad she is such a happy baby for you. It is the beginning of a new chapter for your family. CONGRATS!


Katie said...

Horray! You look so happy and she is adorable! Can't wait to hear more tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! She is soooo adorable :) You have such a beautiful family.
Best wishes

QingLu Mama said...

Oh hooray! Tessa is absolutly beautiful and I love seeing the pictures of the three of you! Congrats on such a HUGE day!

Journey to our baby said...

Congrats!!! She is such a cutie, I am so happy for you guys!

Kari J said...

Your elation shows on your face!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a little sweetie pie. Jake and Sara will love her to pieces!!! Have a safe flight home.


Anonymous said...

*sniff* Im so filled with emotional joy for you guys :) Can you believe it? You are a momma to THREE now!

Congratulations to your entire family!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! She is beautiful! How exciting to finally have her in your arms! We are overjoyed for you all! Can't wait to meet her!

The Dashner's
Jeff, Jennifer and Marisa

Christine said...

Woo hoo!! She is one BEAUTIFUL baby, guys. Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

You are incredibly blessed! She is beautiful, you all look so happy...blissful!

So happy to see this post at last!!!

Much love,
Kelly, Doug,
Nick, Nolan, Noelle, Nicolette, and Nathaniel :)

Dunns said...

Hi Michelle,
Congrats!! She is beautiful! That smile on your face is it! keep the pictures coming:))

betsy/lilypad said...

Oh Michelle, she's gorgeous!!! Many congratulations to your entire family! Tessa is beautiful.