Monday, August 31, 2009

Head Over Heels...

Smitten as a kitten. Head over heels. In love. Ah does NOT divide, it multiplies. Life is far from perfect here as our family of five, but it is a very blessed life.

Tessa's possible helmet consult went well, and between me and the tech, we decided her head wasn't misshapen enough to do the helmet. So, sweet Tessa is now done (for awhile, anyway) with doctors and tests. Phew.

She continues to do very well. She isn't napping the greatest, but I attribute that to the fact that I've got two older, very active kids who aren't keen on staying home all day so Tessa can take two naps. She hasn't been given consistent nap times, and I hope that will change (at least a little) once the kids are in school. She loves to eat. So far, I've not yet met a food she doesn't like. And she's VERY good at feeding herself...much better than being fed with a spoon in fact. A perfect third child, since she's content shoveling carrots and green beans in her own mouth, as opposed to having mommy do it for her.

She still prefers mom, definitely over strangers and even somewhat still over daddy. She likes him though, and loves to play with him. :) The kids still adore her, and want her here...but I'm waiting for that to change at any moment. I fully expect Sara to ask me to send her back at any time. :) Jacob did have a weepy moment over the weekend when he realized that there are only two parental laps in the house and three kids. :( But, he quickly got over it after some good momma lovin'.

In other news, Jake and Sara start school next week. Jake will be in second grade, and Sara in enrichment (like a young fives program). And, I started back to school today in my continued effort to achieve a degree in social work. This semester I'm taking Social Welfare and Gender & Society. I truly love my classes and taking them helps me to find balance as a mom.

That's all for now! Hope everyone enjoys Labor Day Weekend!


Mike said...

Tessa seems to be a perfect addition to your beautiful family, Michelle! I'm glad things are going well.


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

You are one busy lady!! I know what you mean about naps... Tessa is adorable, and I am glad she doesnt have to wear the helmet. TOOOO cute.

Jenn said...

I'm glad to hear all is well. :) Your kids are adorable!!!
Three kids, and school. You go girl. :)
I can't wait to meet Tessa.

Holly said...

Glad to hear you are continuing to settle in! I'm sure the transition to having a baby sister will only continue to get easier and easier. Awww poor Jake w/ the whole 2 laps, three kids thing... I can see that being an issue in the future for us too!

QingLu Mama said...

Beautiful pictures! Tessa is just adorable and the three together look just perfect!
And having to give up a lap for the littlest sister must be hard, please tell him I think he's an awesome big bro!
Great to hear about school...I am totally impressed with you!

Journey to our baby said...

This is such a wonderful post. You are the luckiest person I know. I am getting all weepy reading this even. I am glad everything is going well and that the kids are adjusting well also.

Hopefully we get a 3rd ruling soon, our hearing was almost 3 mos ago and this is really dragging on. Ugh!


Anonymous said...

The timing is good for Tessa to come home with the older 2 starting school. We brought our Sarah home in Dec, so had the whole second half of the school year to adjust before the kids were together 24/7 in the summer. Fair warning that when school is out, there will be another adjustment!

Tessa has such a great smile!

Robin said...

Life sounds very good at your house:) All that lovin is working it's magic. Tessa is a doll. I am happy that she does not have to wear the helmut after all. Yeah!

w8tn42and3 said...

I love these new pictures! I can't believe that you are taking 2 classes! I was going crazy taking just one this summer and I only had Shasha! Stay strong and keep smiling!

Elena said...

I'm so happy to hear Tessa won't need the helmet. The 3 children looks so adorable together :)
...I can't believe you'll have time to take classes!!


Shawna said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Grace has a "mishapen" head,also. In Korea,they sleep on the floor and the back of her head was FLAT when she came home at 6 has rounded out a little but her hair covers it.....:)
CONGRATS on everything!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So far the most poplar picture of Tessa is the one in the swing where she is laughing but all of them are my favorite.
Miss the kids and you

Anonymous said...

Happy 8 months birthday Tessa
Grandma and grandpa