Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home At Last!

What a, I don't want to repeat that for quite some time. 12 hour time difference, forever in a plane...phew.

But, now we're home. Yesterday was our first full day home and it wasn't good. The kids love Tessa to pieces...but between my feelings of guilt over leaving them, jag lag and sheer exhaustion I was so SO emotion yesterday. I avoided all family and friends (sorry guys) because I just needed a day to process our new family. Someday I'll go into this more.

Todd and I are still absolutely exhausted and are recovering from jet lag. In fact, I felt so bad yesterday that I hardly ate anything, which is totally not like me. :)

Tessa's so cute...she's sitting here by me in her high chair smiling at me. :)

Anyway...sleep is going really, really well. Better than I could've hoped. The first night she went to bed at 6:30, Sara went to bed at 7 pm (they sleep in the same room) and we didn't hear a peep from either of them until 6:30 am. :) Yay!

Here's a few pics from our first moments home. I'll post more about the last day in Taiwan when I recover a bit more from the trip.

Thanks so much to everyone who followed along on our journey...we love you all and appreciate all the comments we received. They helped immensely while we were in Taiwan.


NancyW said...

How adorable seeing all 3 together!

Jet lag stinks - we found it much harder with kid #2. Take your time and take as many naps as you need. Don't worry about socializing until you feel human again - but then we want the whole scoop! The pictures tell the story for now.

Tessa is just darling and I love the looks on Jake & Sara's faces as they cuddle her.

Dunns said...

Welcome home!!! It's so great to see Tessa with Jake & Sara, absolutely beautiful!!! Awesome family! I'm fearing what you're going through--jet lag-argh!

Take easy.. I hope things will catch up with you soon:)

Beth said...

GREAT pictures of all the kids together!! Glad to hear that sleep is going so well. Update us more when you get a chance!!!

John, Kristi, Isabel, and Silas said...

Welcome Home Newman Family! What a joy to see Tessa with her big sis and brother! Thanks for sharing while being so exhausted! Can't wait to hear more of your journey. You have a beatiful and complete famiy! God's blessings as you adjust these next couple of week! Kristi

Lori said...

We're SO glad you're home--YAY! I know how tired and emotional you are, trust me. Tessa is a cutie pie baby doll, that's for sure!!! :)

Holly said...

Hey girl, be easy on yourself! Glad Tessa is treating you to some good sleep at night. That time change is brutal... we had that with Ellie... Hang in there!

couey2007 said...

WOW, thats great she slept so well. It will take awhile for you to feel "Normal". We limited vistors the 1st few days, so we could all adjust. I was so tired I could hardly think LOL!

Lisa said...

Welcome home!

Of course she feel a mixture of elation, joy and utter exhaustion! Its an emotional stew for sure!

But each day will improve and sleep makes all the difference!

LOVE the pic of all the kiddos together! What a blessing!
Hugs and go get some much needed rest! :)

Robin said...

Hey Michelle-
I am happy that Tessa and the kids are doing well, especially the sleeping. Great pictures of your 3 beautiful children! I LOVED following your trip and look forward to many more details once you are rested and recovered from the trip. Sorry your transition hasn't been as easy.

Elena said...

Welcome back home!!! How wonderful to see your 3 children together :) No wonder you are emotionally exhausted... take your time and everyday will be a little bit better. Thanks for sharing.

Jenn said...

Thanks for blogging the whole trip. I had so much fun reading about it. And I especially LOVED the pictures of Tessa. Tessa is beautiful!!! The three kids look ADORABLE together. I LOVE the top picture of Sara kissing Tessa. How cute.
I can't wait to meet that little sweety. Congrats, and Welcome home. :)

Katie said...

The photos are adorable. Glad to hear Tessa is sleeping. I get the first day exhaustion! Hopefully you recover in a few days.

w8tn42and3 said...

I just absolutely love the pictures!!! Jet lag stinks... I guess it is something to look forward to! Feel better soon and yeah... yipppeeee!!!!

QingLu Mama said...

So glad you made it home! I just love the pictures of your three babes together! They look so sweet!
It will take a few days to get back to normal...between all of the amazing emotions, the introduction of the family AND jet lag for you guys and Tessa...well it has to be tough.
Take as many naps as you can, take care of yourself and the you'll be ready for family & friends.

I look forward to hearing more, and seeing more of those gorgeous kiddos once you’re feeling up to posting!

Debberoo said...

Love the photos of your three beautiful children ;)

Hang in there, the jet lag is killer and everything has been such a whirlwind.

Terry said...

Welcome Home! The pictures of your three blessings are beautiful!!! I love the picture of them kissing Tessa.

Get rest when you can, and enjoy as much as you can! Jet lag is the pits, but thnakfully it doesn't last too long :-) Each day will get better, easier, and more fun!

Can't wait to see and hear more about all your beautiful kids after you catch up on sleep and have settled in.

Journey to our baby said...

I am so happy for you and I can't imagine the transition. I look forward to hearing from you again when you have some time to figure everything out. Congrats!

Shana said...

Your 3 kids are just beautiful! So happy to see them all together. Hope the jet lag gets better, it can really do a number on you, I know. Best wishes!