Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 7 - AIT and Taipei 101

Today we went to AIT to apply for Tessa's visa. The AIT is the American Institute in Taiwan, which is basically the US Embassy. They don't call it an embassy because Taiwan is technically a Republic of China and not its own country. Everything went well, and two hours later, we were told to return tomorrow for her visa. Phew.

Afterwards, we were supposed to go sightseeing, but decided to stay at the hotel instead for the afternoon. Tessa hadn't been taking her bottles at all from us, and she seemed really tired so we thought maybe it was time to take a break. She ended up taking about a four hour nap! And, we figured out the bottle issue. We think the first bottle we gave her was way too hot, and she remembered. She's very smart. :) Over the past two days, she'd take water from a cup, but the second you offered her a bottle she'd freak out, arch her back, and cry. Crazy. Finally, this afternoon we made a bottle, then poured some in a cup. She sipped that. Then, we took the nipple off the bottle and let her drink from it like a cup. She sipped that. Then, we showed her the bottle while we put the nipple back on. She finally took it...and sucked it dry. We were SO relieved!! Since then, she's taken two more bottles and is down for the night.

She's really starting to bond well to us and even showed some stranger anxiety and a bit of separation anxiety today. She doesn't seem to have a preference between Todd or me, but does seem to know we're mommy and daddy. She continues to have a happy, content personality, and she falls asleep really easy.

We've learned that in China (Taiwan), she is considered very beautiful (of course)! Alex told her that it's considered beautiful and lucky that her eyes turn up on the outside, like a crane. :) And she has a beautiful mouth. She definitely gets attention when we're in public.

This evening we ventured out on our own and hailed a cab to the Taipei 101. What an amazing building it is. We were very impressed. The bottom four stories are an upscale mall, and we even shopped at this cool grocery store. We took the elevator to the 89th floor viewing deck. It's the fastest elevator in the world! 1,010 meters per minute...whatever that converts to.

Tomorrow, we'll go to the Chang Kai Shek Memorial and the AIT to pick up Tessa's visa. We hope to have time to stop at the Handicraft Market too, as we never did get there. Then, at 2 pm we head to the airport for our 7:30 pm flight. We land in Chicago (via LA) at midnight on Thursday. Depending on how tired we are, we may stay the night in Chicago. Then we'll drive home Friday morning.

We've had a very good trip. Mr. Yeh said that because we arrived just before the typhoon (just in time) that God really wanted us to get Tessa, and that she must be a very special girl. We think so too. :)

We are very, very anxious to get home and start our life as a family of five. We miss our Jake and Sara terribly and can't wait to get our hands on them. Two more sleeps babies!! We love you!!!! XOXOXOXOX


Katie said...

I am so glad you are enjoying your trip and solved the bottle issue! Great news that AIT went smoothly! You will be home soon!

Gladney Taiwan Team said...

Congratulations from the Gladney crew! We are happy to hear that you are enjoying your trip and that things are going so smoothly! Safe travels home!

QingLu Mama said...

Tessa is so beautiful!
I am glad you got that bottle thing worked out, very creative on your part!
And the picture of the Taipei 101 at night is awesome!
Safe trip home, can't wait to see all of you together!!

Rebecca & Steve said...

I've loved reading along on your journey to tessa :) She is absolutely gorgeous and I'm so glad you're getting to experience so much of Taiwan!
Safe travels home~I can't wait to hear how wonderful life with 3!! littles is :) Congratulations!!

Julie said...

Michelle, Tessa is so cute!!! Love following and reading your blog. Mr. Yeh is right. Tessa is very special and she finally has her mommy and daddy. Can't wait for her to meet her adorable brothher and sister. Safe travels to you and look forward to keeping up with your family of FIVE now!

Lisa said...

Safe travels home to you 3!! What a relief to have the bottle situation resolved and I'm sure that tummy is full now! :)

Don't you love hearing the local Taiwan thought on our babies features; we found every tidbit passed along to us so fascinating. And of course she's special...she's a TWCA baby afterall!! AND do I see baby curls? Oh, how sweet she is! :)
Can't wait to see the first family of 5 pic.!!

Jenn said...

I am having so much fun reading your blog. Taiwan is beautiful.
And that baby of yours, my gosh, she is just a doll. I LOVE the sleeping picture. Oh my gosh. She's beautiful.
I wish they took singles. :) Jenn.

w8tn42and3 said...

You just make me cry! I am just so happy to hear that you are doing well and that Tessa is bonding! I wish I could just give you a really big hug!

Robin said...

Tessa is just precious when she sleeps. She really is so beautiful. Fun to hear that from fellow Tiawanese! I am amazed at your creativity with the bottle. Congratulations. Your trip has been so fun to follow. I am so happy for you and your family. Have a great day tomorrow and safe travels home.

Anonymous said...

I have loved reading your story, thanks for sharing. Michael I think even got a little teary eyed last night when I showed him Tessa. She is beautiful....of course!!!
Have a very safe flight home and traveling. I will say lot's of prayers.

Joe and Jane said...

Oh I love it when they sleep with their arms up like that! Glad you figured out the bottle stuff, and that you had such a great trip to Wulai!

Shana said...

Wow, she is smart! So glad she is taking a bottle now!

Holly said...

Michelle and Todd, finally catching up on here and wowzers... what an awesome time you are having!!! Tessa is an absolute doll! Can't wait to meet her. Praying you have a safe flight home. :)

Terry said...

She is beautiful! What a happy smile and her curls! I have been reading your story everyday, but couldn't reply or post (from work). I couldn't see the great pictures you posted until tonight. I love the peek-a-boo video! You had an amazing trip, saw a lot of wonderful places and have a beautiful daughter!
Very creative with the bottle and getting her to drink it dry! Mom tricks are the best. :-)

Have a safe trip, Welcome Home, and can't wait to see pictures of your family of FIVE! Congratulations!!